Who Is Searnold?

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Searnold has wanted to be a writer since he was in elementary school, where he would spend his recesses coming up with stories instead of playing with other children. He studied philosophy at UC Davis and then got a Master’s in Writing from CSULA. His first professional break came in 2010 when he sold a short prose story called “Tabula Rasa” to Fox’s Neopulp website (which, sadly, no longer exists.)

Since then, Searnold has written for a wide variety of mediums, including theatre (“A Fairly Obvious Parallel”), webseries (“Teacher’s Lounge”), movies (“Don’t Fall Asleep”), and his most favoritest: comic books (“Behind the Hero”, “Lately Something’s Changed”).

Currently, Searnold resides in a cabin in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, serves as personal assistant to comics legend Scott Lobdell, and writes comics for CompletelyDifferentComics.com.

What Is “Searnold”?

That’s a question I get asked a lot.  Like, literally every time I meet a new person.  Searnold (pronounced Shár- Nŭhld) is an amalgam of my birth name, Sean Arnold.  In 7th grade, my best friend came up with the nickname, and promptly declared that henceforth, all shall call me naught but Searnold.

Surprisingly (at least, surprising to me) the name caught on.  Even my teachers started calling me Searnold.  Once high school came around and I met a whole new group of folks, I found that I was introducing myself as Searnold.  By now, it feels weird whenever someone calls me Sean, especially since those people are usually people I’ve never met (like telemarketers and the IRS.)

At multiple points, I have seriously considered getting my name legally changed, even going so far as to start filling out the paperwork.  But not having a last name causes all sorts of trouble – especially on online forms where last names are always a required field.  So, my legal name remains Sean Arnold, but you can call me Searnold.

What Else Should We Know About Searnold?

I’m including two of my old bios from some of my old work.  I really like how silly they are, and, interestingly enough, they contain completely different information than what’s included above.

Bio #1:

Some of you may have already noticed that Searnold doesn’t tend to take himself too seriously.  He figures, “What’s the point of living if you’re not enjoying life?”  His goal as a comic book writer is to help promote a similar fun-loving attitude in others.  He firmly believes (well, I firmly believe – is there anyone who didn’t know that Searnold is writing this myself?) that comic books have the ability to infuse this world with happiness

There’s a bunch more info at my website:


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Bio #2:

Searnold was born in San Francisco, raised in Sacramento, and lives in Los Angeles.  He doesn’t know why that’s relevant, but it seemed as good a place as any to start his bio.  He loves puppies and ice-cream, but who doesn’t?  He’s been making comics professionally since 2008 when he self-published “Behind the Hero” issue #1.  His goal is to one day write Spider-Man for Marvel comics (that’s right Dan Slott, I’m gunning for your job!)  You can see more of his work at SuperSearnold.com and more of his face at Facebook.com/SuperSearnold.